Using our combined textile experience across fashion and performance ranges we have created a range of exclusive thermal products.

If you want all year round comfort and feel the chill around your feet and ankles, then this sock range are perfect for you.

Incorporating features such as reinforced heel and toes, wicking properties, padded cushioning, soft grip tops, focused ribbed support and a combination of natural and man made fibers to offer the ultimate diverse thermal sock range.

Each thermal sock is graded against our thermal guide to advise uses from lightweight everyday thermals for early winter to extreme heavy weight thermals for when the cold weather really sets in and you want some additional support for your feet. Knitted in fine, medium and thick yarns the different gauges and yarn blends offer the most versatility to the environment your feet require.

The combination of yarns with natural wicking properties and synthetic fibres for additional strength your feet are within a breathable condition, wicking moisture away from your feet, so they keep dry and fresh through antimicrobial yarns, deterring bacteria and odour to keep you fresh all day.

The Thermasock range will keep feet warm when its cold outside and cool when its not.

All of our range are carefully constructed to hold the sock up gently yet securely without restricting circulation or leaving any ridge marks.

Loungewear for chilly nights and pj days. Lined with super fluffy comfort yarn, and finished on the outside with chunky cable knits, winter jacquards and fun pompoms.

Take off the day’s shoes, and pull on a pair of ultimate snuggly, relaxing lounge socks to unwind in.

Constructed with a double layer using a thick, cosy lining these calf high lounge socks will keep your feet warm and protected around the home.

Anti-slip grips to the soles prevent any sliding on slippery surfaces such as tiles or laminate flooring, making your chilled time what it should be, comfortable and easy.

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